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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 8, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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i'm driving a brand new vehicle because of s& drive for 45. 0 down pmes, no payments for six weeks. drive for 45 got me in the cawith no down payments, x weeks for free. thank you sign & drive for 45. thank you sign & drive for 45. i literally drove the car 45 days for free. and no down payments. but ever since sign & drive, i am getting ready to drive man. where are my car keys man, i'm outta he! it's sign & drive for 45.
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every car and truck on our lot. sign & drive for 45. every van and suv, sign & drive for 45. the auto finance network is proud to present this unprecedented offer. it's the sign & drive fo45 500. this month so you must act now. everyone is approved regardless of past credit history. this is a one of a kind event, the likes of which this area has never seen before and may never see again. the auto finance network guartees you 3 things. no down payment, no payment for six weeks and that's right. because during sign & drive for 45, everybody drives. lawrence craig is one of the funniest stand-up comedians in america. he's a national television star and one of the most
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successful touring comics in the country. but tonight, he's hosting a very special show for people with credit issues who need a car right now. stay tuned. you know i am about to start another show and all these people are here to see me. we're going to have some fun, but we're going to learn something also. see, i am a stand-up comedian. i know what you all are thinking. ha ha, man this is a joke. no. that's not the case. they chose me because they didn't want credit to be scary. so you see, i am also the spokespers for sign & drive for 45 where you can get a car for no money no matter how bad your credit is. with sign & drive for 45, there is nothing to be scared of. nobody gets turned down, everybody's credit is guaranteed. like we say, drive the car, truck, van or suv of your dreams regardle of your past credit historyo matter how severe. we've all trieand tried. but in the end bad things happen to good people. well, tonight i am here to make sure good things
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start happening to good people again. i'm here to tell you it's just not that bad. we can fix any credit problem because of sign & drive for 45, you will get the last laugh. stay tuned. that confuse em a little, slam right there. what are you trying to do to me tyrone? can i say hey to the people? there's always one at a comedy show right?
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you remind me of my ex girlfriend baby. there's always one. you remind me of my ex girlfrie i used to date this big strong girl. used to wear the tight shirts, the shirts that you gotta button up through the middle. got velcro on it. no, i'm just joking man. i don't want no trouble. i'm here to have a good time. we're here for a purpose. plus you're a big dude. i don't want you comin up here. you run up here if you want to got a baloney sandwich in my pocket. i'll set it yeah you gotta make a decision. is that baloney? forget him. everybody that has some credit problems, keep your hands up. i want to get the camera. is there anyone here that don't have problems with credit? we want you to leave. you can just get on out of here. this don't make no sense. well, what kind of problems are we having? i mean, you guys can open up to me. we're here tonight to have a little fun with it. you having some problems, big man?


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